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What is our Objective?

Our main goal is to form children that know how to think, that when facing daily living situations they have enough tools to solve them by being resourceful, creative, agile and confident.

We want the castle feel like home to the children. In this warm caring and welcoming space equipped to respond to all children's needs, sensorial physiological and social experiences will be stimulated and enlarge to develop the child's potential in a natural, safe and independent way through the practical life, sensorial area, botanic and zoology, languages, math, art and music. 

In addition to completing the curriculum, we have created the ENRICHMENT PROGRAM which will consist of a different daily activity ignored to stimulate and keep developing their artistic and social capabilities. This activity will take place every day for 45 min duration. As a result, children can enjoy an introduction to musical, languages, arts and craft, yoga, dance, psychomotricity and cooking. 

How we develop this?

In The Castle, we have an annual Topic Program where we start on a macro scale (Universe) and finish in micro (ourselves). The entire school will enjoy the same monthly topic in their own range of development. Every group will have different academic goals through a fantastic journey. We teach children how to make connections. Each month is connected with the previous and following one, giving the child a logical vision of the program’s progress and, therefore, promoting connection between one topic or event and the other. This provides the most important tool in the problem-solving process: Process awareness.

Marvian Marcos

First and foremost Marvian is a mother to her boys Michael and Antonio; she is also a Lawyer, who obtained her Law Degree at Arturo Michelena University. Marvian also earned a Masters in International Law from The Rosario University in Bogotá, Colombia. She specializes in Immigration Law, for which she acquired a degree from a Toronto College. Since the young age of 14 years old Marvian has worked with children by teaching Flamenco dance lessons in her hometown Valencia Venezuela. It was after the birth of her first son, Michael she began making her dreams a reality, and build her own school. She returned to school and became an Early Childhood Educator and specialized from a University in Spain in the Montessori and After on Waldorf Philosophy education,which led to the creation of the amazing programs which children enjoy and greatly benefit from at The Castle.Marvian dedication, passion and creativity, in addition to her innate sense of determination, and her maternal instinct, make her a vital piece of our school community

Our Teachers

All our teachers are Register Early Childhood Educators (RECE)

They are carefully selected and highly trained by us.

We use professional development and coaching to ensure teachers are experts in their craft and guarantee all children have access to the high-quality instruction they need.

Teachers are responsible for stimulating the strengths of every student and to reinforce any area that needs help. Their patience, love, passion and knowledge are crucial for the children to develop in a trustworthy academic environment.

The Castle has its own curriculum where the academic objectives are of the highest standards at preschool level. Each academic area is developed with logic structure.  Each month teachers receive a Planning Book where they will find the program of the month based on the theme of the month. Inside they will find Math, Art, Writing, Science, Music and Dramatic play are clearly stated with objectives, methodology to follow and material needed. The Academic Director is on a constant communication with the teachers so they can reach a real understanding of each project and its objectives. In addition, she will accompany and support each child in the learning process.

Love, love and more love! We are confident that by giving a warmth environment, where children and parents feel we are their extended family, we will have Happy Hearts, therefore, Big Minds.

In The Castle, each family is special, we work as a team The Castle and families, reaching each child highest potential and celebrating every achieved goal.

The Castle's environment promotes socio-emotional development where we play, share and make friends while we learn to love and respect each other. Values are an essential part of our curriculum, we learn with practical experiences respect, tolerance, generosity among others. We also learn how to identify, name and accept our feelings, be better human beings as well as take care of our planet and animals.

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