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Welcom​e to The Castle Childcare Cen​t​re

2024-2025 Spaces Available  


4480 Eglinton Av West Toronto




The Castle Childcare located on the heart of Etobicoke in Toronto, offering to our children an education in a unique environment that stimulates their development in all its different aspects. Both the indoor classrooms and the outdoors areas designed in detail to promote the self-sufficient learning and the positive social interactions.

Our program was created by our director Incredible and unique Montessori and Waldorf philosophy education combined.

A focus on the child is something that Waldorf school share with Montessori and other progressive schools like us on our interesting programs we created materials for our students to work with, discover and learn for the indoor activities. The Waldorf approach depends on the students to develop their imaginations by creating their own materials we implement it on the outdoor activities. 



18 Months to 2.5 years old


2.5 years old to 6 years old


2 years old to 4 years old

September 2023 Space available in our Morning & Afternoon Program

Preschool Morning & Afternoon program from 8:00 to 12:30 pm & 1:00pm to 5:30 pm 

750$ per month

Why choose us

Our programs

In addition to complete the curriculum, we have created the ENRICHMENT PROGRAM which will consist on a different daily activity ignored to stimulated and keep developing their artistic and social capabilities. This activity will take place every day for 45 min duration. As a result, children can enjoy every week an introduction to musical languages, arts and craft, yoga, dance, psychomotricity and cooking. 

Our Meals

Organic Kids Catering is only children's catering company that is dedicated to providing and delivering every day the most healthy and delicious cooked meals made with the most organics items such as farm fresh vegetables, delicious fruits and always organic milk. The foods are naturally trans free, and offer multiple menus based on gluten free, vegan, the menus are always nut and pork free as well. 

Our Garden

The castle's garden is a sensory wonderland opportunity for purposeful digging; children get sense of time, patience and responsibility; they can understand and participate in the complete life cycle. When children participate in growing their own food, they are more motivated to taste, eat and enjoy the produce resulting from their efforts. Gardening also helps children build and understanding of respect for nature our environment. Our garden is place to learn having fun.

Our App

Never miss a moment with daily reports, real time up dates, photos and videos. From center-wide notices to a cute kiddie video, use HiMama to send email, text, or in-app messages. With HiMama you will always stay in the loop, keep a close look on their learning process. It was about time for childcare to go digital. Our app keeps track of allergies, emergency information and contacts. Educators can always access the information they need to best take care of your children.

Check-in and checkout register the time the kids arrive and leave the premises, and whenever they are moved from one room to the other.

For extra safety, this feature can be customized to collect and store parents’ signatures during drop off and pick up. 

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4480 Eglinton AV West


  • Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm
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